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Most of these prayers are from WWII, we are looking for more up to date prayers any help would be appreciated.





Please pray for all women vets and those in the service as well as their families.

Prayers by and for Women Vets
For Loyal Service
By Lt. Cdr. Mildred H. McAfee, WAVES
Our Father, we thank Thee for the assurance that this is Thy world. We want to live positive lives, working toward the fulfillment of the vision of peace which great prophets of all ages have seen. Keep us from the frustration of limited faith in the ultimate victory of love over hate, of peace over war, of right over might.
Help us to keep ourselves active in the service of our highest motives in small demands of our daily work as well as in large ones, and thus help us, we pray, to carry our share of responsibility for making this a better world. Amen.
Mary E. Woolley, Pres.-emeritus, Mt. Holyoke College
Believing that Thou who hast been the help of Thy children in ages past wilt answer the cry of Thy children today.
We pray, O God, for strength and courage that we may not falter in these days which try the souls of men.
We pray that we may have vision to see what is the right way in which to walk.
We pray that in our effort to train for wise leadership we may not forget how to be humble and in our struggle to overcome evil we may not forget how to be merciful.
We pray that in the midst of deadly conflict we may have our eyes opened to the way of a just and durable peace.
We pray, O God, that we may so hunger and thirst after righteousness that we may help to realize Thy Kingdom amoung the children of men.
In the name of Christ, our Savior. AMEN
G.A. Cleveland Shrigley
Our Father, be very near my daughter in the service, and bless her with Thy love and care. May she know that my own deepest love and prayers follow her. May she strive to learn of Thee and do Thy will and increase in Thy grace and favor. May all her words and deeds reflect the best and truest teachings of her Church and home. Grant her the strength and wisdom  which she needs for every task. Give her a spirit of cheerfulness and hope, especially when her work is hard, unusual or dull. Keep her devotion to the highest good and faithful and thorough in the humblest duty. By every friendship, pleasure, discipline and sacrifice help her to grow rich and full in character. Keep her kind, tolerant and helpful to others. Teach her that the reward of every worthy effort is not so much what she accomplishes as what she becomes.  Comfort and inspire her with the knowledge that in great and little ways she can serve Thy purposes of goodness, beauty, truth and love and do her share to bring Thy Kingdom on our earth. In Thy dear Name.
Mrs. Samuel MCCrae Cavert, United Council of Church Women
Our loving heavenly Father, we, Thy daughters, turn to Thee for the strength and help which Thou alone canst give. When we are tired and lonely and find ourselves in new and unaccustomed places, grant us the sense of Thy love and companionship.Give us courage and wisdom to do our part worthily in these days of our country's need. When our tasks grow tedious, quicken our hearts again to an awareness of our best and highest resolves. Give us each day Thy light and Thy guidance that we may make those choices which will help us do our full share in building a world where war and hatred are no more.
Bless those who are near and dear to us wherever they may be, and knit us all together in ever stronger bonds of devotion to Thy glorious purposes for all mankind. In Jesus name.

Our Father, make me a worthy servant to Thee and my country. Accept my dedication of my life and service to the cause of righteousness and brotherhood. Perfect my desires, and guide me in my thoughts and deeds. Give me strength and wisdom in new and unaccustomed duties. Help me to cultivate a spirit of obedience and cheerfulness. Keep me loyal, helpful, and kind to my comrades, and teach me to forgive my enemies.  Be with me in danger, and make me steadfast and brave in trial. Help me at all times to live up to the highest ideals of womanhood, and use me to the full in bringing Thy way of goodness and peace to my world. In Jesus name.

A Nurse's Prayer
Our Father, I thank Thee for the privilege and the joy of nursing. Help me to give my best in serving under my care. May I be faithful in all my duties, thorough in all my work, and patient in all my trials. Make my hands skillful and my words kind. May all that look to me for strength and healing be comforted, restored, and blessed as I strive to do Thy will with faith in Thee and love for all Thy children. Through Him who is my Master and Savior, Jesus Christ.
A War Worker's Prayer
Dear Father, I offer up my daily work in factory (farm or home) as my gift of love to Thee and my neighbor. Help me to do my best according to my ability. Make me worthy of the cause which I serve, and keep me fit for my tasks. May the things I do, the hopes I cherish, and the faith I live be used by Thee to bind the hearts and hands of men and women in one brotherhood of goodwill throughout the world. Be our common trust and effort give us the victory of righteousness and the peace of love. Amen.

A Red Cross Prayer
God of Infinite goodness, help us to share in Thy great purposes of mercy and love for our world as, under the Red Cross Banner we serve Thee and Thy children. Give us wisdom and strength to do our best: to comfort the sorrowing, to heal the sick and wounded, to feed the hungry, to clothe the destitute, and shelter the homeless.  Make us generous and patient in all our dealings, and bless our efforts to bring the abundant life of body and soul to our brother and sisters in need. Increase in us a loving and creative spirit that, as loyal co-workers with Thee, we may bring the burdened and distressed to peace and joy which flow from the heart of Thy Son on the Cross. Amen
Kind Father, bless our worthy efforts to bring renewal and cheer to the men and women who serve our country. Make us wise and generous in offering them wholesome pleasures. May their times of rest and play contribute to their full growth in character. With spirits refreshed, may they go forth to their duties, joyful in service and strong in brotherhood. AMEN.